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1 Sidney Attwood,
Was a man I really should have got to know, but like many Grandchildren this only realised after it is too late.

He clearly was adventurous, he immigrated to Australia as a young man, responded to the 'call' of WW1, some how survived Gallipoli and France.

At wars end he met Mabel Burchell (nee King) and he two young Sons, William George Burchell and Harold Burchell.

Mabel and Sid had a daughter Audrey in England.

Sidney Attwood married Mabel in England and returned to Australia with a 'ready made' family, all of which he treated and looked after very well.

Attwood, Sidney James (I39)
2 Updated: After the Death of Margaret Hinchliffe and Fredrick Gould Dinning.

During a recent Visit to the North of England, we made contact with Marion Timothy who is a relation of Fredrick Gould Dinning. Marion Timothy has completed an extensive 'Dinning' Family Tree investigation.

Marion Timothy advised Marion Burchell that there had been a number of infant children on the Dinning side that had sadly died at an early age, she suspected that Spinal Muscular Atrophy may have been the cause.

The presence of Spinal Muscular Atrophy is confirmed with the death of Keith Dinning aged 1 on 12/11/1951. We understand that an autopsy was undertaken as a final confirmation that Spinal Muscular Atrophy was the cause of Keith's death.

Margaret Hinchliffe was always insistent that Keith's death was caused by the use of 'Teething' powder that contained Mercury.
For reasons best known to themselves Margaret Hinchliffe and Fred Dinning kept the real cause of the death Keith Dinning to themselves and did not warn Family Members of the risks that would surround Children that they produced.

The real cause of the death of Keith Dinning did not surface until 1999.

It is absolute fact that Marion Burchell was fathered by Fredrick Dinning. Descendants of Marion Burchell (nee Dinning) need to be aware that the Spinal Muscular Atrophy gene is about.

On a brighter note, there were comments made that indicate there is the slight possibility that Fredrick Dinning may not have fathered all of Margaret Hinchliffe's children, which if proven true, will be fantastic relief to those descendants.

Dinning, Fred Gould (I11)
3 Updated: April 2010

My brother Keith Dinning was born at 5 Money Road, Caterham Surrey, England 14th October 1950.

Keith died and joined the Angels when he was a baby still on 8th November 1951. Keith died from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and on research it seems Muscular Dystrophy to be a genetic occurrence in his Father's family line.

Keith was buried in a grave at St Mary's Church, Caterham on 12th November 1951. The grave was left unmarked.

The first time Ron and I visited the UK in 1988, we were unable to locate the grave,as it was still unmarked and the Church office was closed. We guessed a spot and left a rose.

After several years of further inquiry from Australia to the UK, we managed to locate the grave and also having discovered the practice of infants of poor families being placed in unmarked shared graves, we pursued this line of enquiry. In 2010 at St Mary's church, it was confirmed that Keith was placed in a shared grave.

We then found that on March 30th, 1914, Patricia Alice Kersley died at the age of one year as a result of Meningitis. Patricia was buried on 1st April 1914. Patricia's father was a Grenadier Guard, stationed at Caterham Barracks. Harry Kersley, his wife Alice Maud Clark.
Patricia was born on the 13th March 1913 at the Guards Depot Caterham Surrey England.

Patricia and Keith share this resting place, Two Bonnie Bairns. We now have a marble vase to mark their place together, and our family in Godstone often place beautiful flowers in the marble vase. One of our family heard a child's tinkling music box while there one day, so I think the Bairns are happy now they are being looked after again.

May you Always have an Angel by your side, love from your sister Marion xx

There is further information that may assist Descendants contained in 'Notes'

Dinning, Keith (I37)