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Our Peggy Hinchliffe

Peggy Hinchliffe (left) with her Mum (Violet Boll) in the backyard of the Shop in Caterham on the Hill. Surrey. England. [More...]

Over the Horizon

Sue Bristow, Marion Burchell, Audrey Hinchliffe, Ron Burchell, Trevor

How I met my Cousin Sue

This is the story of how I came to meet Sue, my lovely cousin and her Mum Audrey. My mother's father was George Alfred Hinchliffe he had an identical twin brother, John Robert. When my mother was 5, her father died from pneumonia my Grandmother Violet remarried a few years later to Joseph Jackson, (Jack). Violet and Jack had another 3 children, Derek, Brian and Jill I grew thinking of Jack as my Pop, and he was wonderful and of Jill, Derek and Brian as my Auntie and Uncles, (not halfs) there is only 7 years difference between myself and Jill and we are very close, more like sisters. This is despite the fact that when I was 10, my father took my mother and I all to Australia to live and broke the hearts of my Grandmother and Grandfather I never saw my Grandmother again, but I was able to see my Grandfather Jack in 1988 when Ron and I went to the UK for the first time. I have digressed a bit here and that is all another story. . [More...]


Two Bonnie Bairns

My brother Keith Dinning was born at 5 Money Road, Caterham Surrey, England 14th October 1950. Keith died and joined the Angels when he was a baby still on 8th November 1951. Keith died from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and on research it seems Muscular Dystrophy to be a genetic occurrence in his Father's family line. Keith was buried in a grave at St Mary's Church, Caterham on 12th November 1951. The grave was left unmarked. The first time Ron and I visited the UK in 1988, we were unable to locate the grave,as it was still unmarked and the Church office was closed. We guessed a spot and left a rose. [ More...]